Best Places To See When Visiting Vietnam

Visiting Vietnam soon? We have created some of the best places to go and do for you:

Visit Ho Chi Min City Museum

Ho Chi Minh City has not forgotten completely the conflict that was made during the Vietnam War. Although 60 per cent of the population in the country was born after the end of the war, the nation has not moved on completely as they have created the Ho Chi Minh City Museum and The War Remnants Museum.

The museum has many information and exhibitions regarding the country’s bloody past that includes memorabilia, artefacts and photographs. A presentation done considerately, without hyping the atrocities that happened during the war.

The War Remnants Museums is more gruesome, but also provides an important reminder of the atrocities that happened. In the museum you will find, first-person accounts by war veterans, eerie bomb remnants, photographs of terrifying napalm burns and bloodied guillotine.

Visit Tay Ninh

A visit to Tay Ninh and you will find the Holy See of the Cao Dai religion.

Caodaism is the country’s hybrid religion that was founded in the 1920s. A fusion of Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, occult and Islam with the final goal is to be free from the cycle of life and death. The tower of the temple look similar to a parochial church. However, if you see it closer, you will find an eclectic façade with sword-brandishing gods, a Communist red star, swastikas, and an Orwellian all-seeing eye.

It is common to see people praying four times a day and one time at noon.
The sacred experience at the temple is something tourists would want to see and feel.

Travel Spots To See When Travelling To Europe

Travelling to Europe soon but still don’t know what to do once there? Here are some of the great travel spots you can visit and what you can do while there:

Visit Acropolis, Greece

Visiting the temple of Acropolis will take you back in time as the citadel dates back to 447 BC. The temple comes with a couple of architecturally and historically important structures such as the Parthenon that goes back to the 5th century BC. The Pantheon and other main structures on the Acropolis are known for its advanced creation. And while architects have been studying the building for centuries, they are still unsure how they did it back in the day.

Learn the Russian vodka culture

A visit to St. Petersburg, Russia will give you a chance to learn the tradition of making vodka, which started 500 years ago. St. Petersburg is the best place to learn this age-old craft and how the vodka distillation helped shaped the history of the country. Learn more about it when you visit the Museum of Russian Vodka, then try a couple of samples at the local aquae vitae.

Appreciate Fado music in Lisbon, Portugal

Fado has been characterized as mournful tunes and lyrics that combine with ‘saudade’, which gives a feeling of irreparable and permanent loss. While it may sound depressing, but it is amazingly beautiful and soulful that makes it very popular in Portugal. In fact, Fado has been tantamount with Portugal since the early 1800s and up until now. Fado players (Fadistas) are normally seen playing in restaurants in Lisbon.